A friend recommended that we attend your class on “Forgiveness!”   Wow!  Not only were we blessed beyond our expectations, but we will never forget what we learned because of the visual illustrations.   You have an amazing ministry which in a way, is non like others!  It was clear, to the point and visually impacting.  Thank you also for being vulnerable by sharing personal experience because that helped us relate. May God greatly bless you in return, with good health and all His every best, for your time, effort and resources as you minister to others! We are so very grateful for your ministry–to God be all the praise and the glory!


“Your class on Accusing Strongholds was an EXCELLENT teaching! Thank you so much Jeanne for not only your time and effort teaching these classes but for being so REAL and relatable!!!! Thanks for being YOU 🙂 Blessings!


After having spent a lifetime in demonic bondage, I was amazed when strongholds began to break after hearing Jeanne Nigro’s “Healing the Strongholds of the Heart” presentation at a regional conference. Prior to the conference, divorce from my second wife was a “given”!! However, after this breakthrough, not only have strongholds been healed and demonic bondages broken, but our marriage is alive and thriving!! Praise God! Many thanks to Jeanne and her ministry!


…Just a quick note to let you know that your teaching (on Strongholds: Barriers to Knowing God’s Will) is bearing fruit in my life already. I have been battling with anxiety and depression related to changes at work. I’ve been reading your handouts to reinforce the messages. Then last night, I work up in the middle of the night again, in a panic and fearful of the changes but then God reminded me of your teaching and my weapons of warfare. Although I was half asleep, I started saying to myself “Lord, you have not given me the spirit of fear but of peace, power and a sound mind”. I kept repeating that to myself over and over again and shortly thereafter, my fear was gone! I am so happy today that I was able to overcome thie episode with God’s help! I am hopeful that I am on the road to recovery in this area.


I just want to say, “Thank You” for all your hard work to make our retreat such a MAJOR success. G-D has given you such gifts and talents, thank you for sharing them:) Praise G-D for Jeanne Nigro!!!!! You are a very special woman, Jeanne. Your anointing is just beautiful. Thank you for being “REAL” with all of us. Time and time again the ladies wrote how incredible your teaching was, how impacted they were by your visuals, how real and down to earth you are, etc. Your ministry is CRUCIAL. I’d love to see you go to all the Messianic Congregations/Churches teaching and holding retreats!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words! Your training is so powerful because it paints a vivid picture of the “spiritual battle” that is unseen, but oh so real ~ forces that control our lives, “telling us who we are and who God is ~ false messages that prevent us from being all that God created us to be”; and, it also paints a compelling picture of how to be victorious in battle to be at peace with oneself and to glorify God. As old as I am, your training is still as “refreshing as the taste of sweet olive oil” to my soul! Keep up the good work!!!


A lot of your teaching I knew “in my head”, but yesterday I was immersed in it and it all “dropped into my heart”……WOW! That is awesome! Be encouraged Jeanne, you are really doing an awesome job sharing His will and work in our lives.


My grandfather was a medium. I had been told that the occult was the right way to look at life. I was deceived and bought into the lie! During the next 25- 30 years, I was a tortured woman! I truly did not know which way I was going. The Lord lead me to a Messianic Congregation where I finally learned the truth, and I attended the 8-week strongholds series, twice. I sought counsel from Jeanne and prayed with her. She showed me her compassion, but never condemnation.  My life is a testimony of how working on strongholds began the deep work needed to be done in my heart! The Lord used the strongholds teaching at a crucial point in my life to show me how bound I was. The weekly teaching provided visuals of the strongholds and how I was being tormented by them. I now see the impact and freedom I have been given to worship Yeshua. I highly recommend the strongholds teaching if you have a strong desire to be free to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth!


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Healing Strongholds of the Heart class. God has truly anointed you and I pray that He will bless you in all you do. I am the youngest of 4 and had a very turbulent childhood enduring an alcoholic mother. So needless to say I was in much need of this class. God has truly gifted you with teaching and the love for others!


You need to keep teaching this message!! It was the best retreat I’ve been to, and I’ve been to quite a few in the past 40 years! At so many retreats, you forget the teaching as soon as you leave. Yours was life changing! You gave the women tools that they can use to apply what they’ve learned!


I just wanted to thank you so much for pouring your heart out into yesterday’s message!  I now understand why Satan tried so hard to keep me out of that meeting!  God gave me such a revelation and now I can “see” what my problem has been.  He is showing me how to handle one situation at a time and I am so grateful for the breakthroughs!! You have a powerful anointing from God!  Whatever you’ve been doing…keep doing it! This is a teaching that Satan does not want people to hear because it will enter us into peace & joy!


I had been raised in fear, self-doubt, blame, shame, low self esteem, my opinions were not valued and at times I felt invisible. I had allowed these false accusations to eat at me like a disease for years! They affected me, my marriage, and my children. Through your teaching ministry, countless prayers, and counseling, I have finally forgiven my mother, brothers and other family members! I felt an enormous burden released from my heart! I have been told by many they have seen a tremendous transformation! I still have days when the past will try to creep in and destroy my life but I am stronger to fight back! I wake up and say the prayer you taught me …Thank you God for enabling me to do all that is in your will for me today!  It totally changes the atmosphere! Thank you Jeanne for your love and continued support! May God continue to bless and grow your ministry as you continue to heal and reach out to so many hurting and those who feel lost and helpless like I did for so many years!


I attended Jeanne’s Healing the Strongholds of the Heart session at the Messiah Conference in PA this past summer. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was not even sure I wanted to be there, but Jeanne’s engaging personality and passion for healing hearts intrigued me and soon I was intently listening to her message. As her presentation progressed, I found myself emotionally and spiritually moved. God had a word for me on that day in July 2011 and He was speaking through Jeanne. He was going to do something miraculous with my heart and the vessel He used to open my eyes to the strongholds of the heart was Jeanne Nigro. This was the start of a supernatural change and healing of my heart. May God bless Jeanne and her ministry in Yeshua’s name.


I have been thinking about this and the biggest thing I learned from the Strongholds classes is that our strongholds are sin.  We struggle when we should give them to G-d and He will take care of the issue.  We need to let go and let G-d. It also made me more compassionate and understanding of other people’s strongholds.  It is a lifelong process but I recognize the stronghold for what it is.  I also was able to understand and believe that G-d loves me despite my strongholds and that that is all that really matters.


For me, this was probably the best Good Friday I’ve ever had because the connection with the Old Testament and New Testament was highlighted more than it’s ever been in my life. Thank you for taking the time to share your passion for this experience (the Passover Seder); it was evident in everything you did to make it a memorable time.


Before I accepted the Lord, the enemy had created enormous pain and loss in my life.  I did not realize how much those events impacted my thoughts. The Healing Strongholds of the Heart class helped me to understand that in a way that was safe, fun, and transforming. Healing does not happen overnight, but my new understanding helped me communicate better, give myself realistic expectations, forgive others, and observe my thoughts without judgment. I have recommended the class to many friends because I know first-hand how valuable it is to apply biblical concepts and God’s Word to my own personality and character.


Jeanne Nigro presented a Healing the Strongholds of the Heart study to our fellowship.  I attended the workshop for several weeks.  As I did the homework assignments and watched the skit demonstrations, I saw the Word of Truth in an illustration that set my heart free.  It gave me a new perspective on applying God’s Word to the wounds of my past.  Seeing the Word in action set my heart free.Thanks Jeanne you are a blessing to the kingdom.


Jesus is continually blessing me, I cannot praise Him enough! I am so thankful He brought you into my life. Your strongholds teaching has helped me and blessed me more than you will ever know. It is hard for me to put into words how much Jesus has used your ministry (and you) and this teaching to help me and change my life! Thank you for giving to the Lord!


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