In a time when our world seems so out of control — from the elections, cyber-attacks, and terrorism to threats of world war — knowing with certainty that Jesus will fulfill the Feast of Sukkot (or Tabernacles) when He returns to dwell with us in the Millennium — is an anchor that will keep you strong and unshaken during these uncertain times. You can have hope and excitement in the midst of the chaos when you keep in focus your very tangible and real future with Jesus in the Millennium.

The Feast of Sukkot has always been a reminder of God’s intense desire to dwell in intimate relationship with you. He demonstrated this from the very beginning when He walked in the garden with Adam and Eve; to guiding the Israelites through the desert for 40 years in a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night; to giving the commands to build the tabernacle and temple (making a way for man to be in His manifest presence on earth); to sending Jesus (the full expression of God’s heart and character) to shed His blood for us so that we could experience intimate, personal relationship with Him throughout eternity; to sending His Spirit to dwell in us as a guarantee of our future when Jesus returns as our bridegroom and establishes His Millennial kingdom here on earth!

In a world where absolutely everything is changing, we know that God never changes. Just as Jesus perfectly fulfilled the spring feasts with His first coming, He will perfectly fulfill the fall feasts with His second coming. That same God who has always communicated His desire for intimacy with us all throughout history, will dwell with us on the earth once again in the Millennium. Now that’s quite a “track record,”clearly disproving any lies you might believe about God in your heart, such as:

– He’s distant, unpredictable, not always there when you need Him

– He’s not listening because He just won’t answer your prayers

– He’s upset, disappointed in you, and you can’t live up to His expectations

– He wants you to carry these burdens – He wants you to be miserable

– He’s watching, but not involved in the details of your life

– He’s with everyone else, but not you

God never distances Himself from you, it’s the lies in your heart that are at the root of these feelings. He never stops desiring intimacy with you, in fact He desires you and delights in you more than you could ever think or imagine!

Sometimes I think we get frustrated and angry because we are expecting our world today to be as it will be only in the Millennium, when we have a perfect ruler – Jesus Himself. Only then will governments be ruled with 100% righteousness, His Word will be the ruling document and go forth from Zion across the earth, everything broken and imperfect will be healed and restored, and we will have the incredible, awesome privilege of ruling and reigning with Him over all the nations! Finally we will have the perfect boss, and perfect bodies – resurrected ones!

If you really want to stand strong, if you want to look different from everyone else who is caught up in the fear, stress, and frustration of this turbulent world – it’s critical that you keep your eyes on your certain future – where you are going, what you will be doing, and who Jesus will be when He comes back! And, if you’re unfamiliar with the Millennium, I encourage you to begin studying the books of Isaiah, Zechariah, Daniel and Revelation. My new book UNSHAKEN contains an entire chapter (Ch. 5) which provides specific details and scriptures about the Millennium, as well as an Action Plan (Ch. 7) for how you can align your thoughts, words and actions with God’s plans and purposes for the Millennium.

While the enemy wants you to believe his lie that there’s nothing you can do, that the world is too far gone, having a focus on the Millennium will not only give you hope, it will also give you specific actions you can take that will make a difference now and in the future.

Let the Feast of Sukkot remind you to take hold of the anchor of your certain future in the Millennium, and stand strong and unshaken, no matter how uncertain the times!

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