Our administration’s refusal to veto the recent UN resolution against Israel is out of alignment with God’s heart and plans for Israel, and therefore it puts us in great danger of judgement as a nation.

In my new book, “UNSHAKEN: Standing Strong in Uncertain Times,” I outline 10 facets of God’s heart for the Millennium.  When we align ourselves with these plans of His heart, we grow in intimacy with Him, and then we are able to stand strong and unshaken no matter how turbulent the times. One of these facets of His heart is the spiritual and physical restoration of Israel. His plans and purposes for Israel are to restore both her people and her land. Another facet is Jesus’ plan to return to Jerusalem and establish His Millennial kingdom there. He will rule and reign over the earth from the Millennial Temple, where He will be worshiped by all people from every tribe, tongue, and nation.  Another is to establish His name forever in Jerusalem, where it will be called the City of Truth, the Mountain of the Lord of Hosts (Zech 8:3). Yet another plan of His heart is to spread His Word throughout the entire earth and for His law to go forth from Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem (Is 2:3).

Clearly God is passionate for Israel, and many of the plans of His heart for the future are related to Israel. Just as it is impossible to experience intimacy with God when you are out of alignment with the plans and purposes of His heart, you also remove yourself from receiving His blessings and protection. God is very clear in His Word regarding the consequences of being out of alignment with His heart toward Israel. In Genesis 12:3, God says that He will curse those who curse Israel. In Joel 3, He tells us that He will judge nations on account of how they treat Israel, and for dividing up her land. It is critical that we are aware of the consequences of being out of alignment with the plans and purposes of God’s heart for Israel, so that we know how to respond to the current UN resolution situation.

With our country placing itself in danger of judgment and curses, this is not the time for us to stand by idly and watch, nor is it the time for us to huddle together ranting and raving about our frustration, anger or fear over the situation. This does absolutely no good, and actually increases the enemy’s ground in the situation. We are called for such a time as this, as was Esther in the Purim story, to use our spiritual weapons of warfare of prayer and fasting. I’d like to encourage you as you begin this new year, to fast as often as possible, and to pray daily for the following:

  1. For the spiritual and physical protection of Israel, Jerusalem, PM Netanyahu and government leaders; and the salvation of her people.
  2. To bind the spirit of deception currently blinding the world from seeing the truth about the Israeli – Palestinian conflict; and to bind the spirit of anti-semitism that is so rapidly increasing throughout the earth.
  3. For spiritual and physical roadblocks to be placed before the Obama administration, stopping all anti-Israel actions (and any others detrimental to our country) prior to Jan 20th.
  4. For an anointing of favor, wisdom, and power for President Trump as he takes office, the ability to reverse these dangerous policies against Israel, and for spiritual and physical protection for he and his family.
  5. For grace and mercy to be poured out upon our country, for blind eyes to be opened, to bind the spirit of fear, anger, and offense that is controlling so many in response to the election results, for hearts to be drawn to God, for protection over our borders from terrorism and natural disasters, as well as protection within from violence and social uprisings. Pray that God would relent from sending judgment and that the body of Messiah would stand strong in intimacy with Him and in alignment with the plans and purposes of His heart.

It is no mistake to God that you are alive in 2017!  You have been called for a specific purpose, and that is to wield your spiritual weapons of warfare (such as prayer and fasting) in your areas of influence. In this way, you have the power to cause a shift in the spiritual realm, increasing Jesus’ reign on the earth and preparing the way for His return. What an awesome and exciting role you have as you enter into this new year! May you walk boldly in it, standing strong and unshaken through growing closer in intimacy with Him each day!

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