Just when you thought the political battle was over, every day on the news we witness a violent force of opposition coming against every step taken by our new administration. Protests, violence, boycotts, hatred, criticism, blame, and defensive legislative tactics dominate our news and social media.

In order to stand strong and unshaken through all of this political chaos and instability, as well as through the uncertainties of your own health, finances, work, families, and relationships, it is critical that you develop the ability to “see the unseen.” After all, how can you be victorious on the battlefield if you can’t even see the battle?

The first step of “seeing the unseen” is becoming aware of the lies that are fueling the opposition – whether it’s in politics or your personal life. Satan is the father of lies – his native language is lying – and lies are the only words he can speak!

Let’s take a look at our political world. Oftentimes, behind the protests, criticism, blame and widespread fear are lies that people are believing about themselves and about God. For example, lies such as:

  • I’m unprotected, I’m on my own, I have to hold everything together,
  • I have to fight for myself, I have to be in control,
  • I have to prove I have worth or value,
  • Rules, boundaries, defining right & wrong is “bad” and unloving
  • I’m not going to make it;
  • I can’t forgive those who have hurt me, I must get back at them and anyone who reminds me of them
  • God’s just out to punish me,
  • God would never have anything to do with me,
  • I’m not good enough for God
  • God’s not real, He doesn’t exist,
  • I can define who God is…and based upon that definition – I am doing His will, this is God’s way of love or truth, I am being godly, etc. etc.
  • God’s only attribute is love:  love without truth is ok with Him; any rules, boundaries or truth that would result in negative consequences for someone or be offensive to them are not from God because He is love (and “only love)

In addition, people believe lies that are communicated about current events through biased, selective, exagerrated reporting intended to produce fear, anger, and blame.

When you “see the unseen,” you not only become aware of the lies of the enemy that are fueling the opposition, you’re also aware that only “spiritual” weapons can be effective in a “spiritual” battle. God has given you spiritual weapons to make advances – whether it be in the realm of politics or in your daily life. Spiritual weapons of warfare such as:

  • fasting, blessing others, thanking God throughout the day, praising Him in worship,
  • choosing to dwell on what you do know, not on what you don’t know,
  • choosing to focus on what cannot change – who He is and how He sees you, not on what can change or be taken away,
  • thinking and speaking what is true and of good report,
  • praying – to bind the spirit of deception, fear, anger, blame, etc;
  • praying to open up blind eyes and hardened hearts to the lies and deception;
  • praying that others would receive healing in their hearts of old stronghold lies about themselves and God so that they can receive the truth.
  • praying for spiritual and physical protection for those fighting for righteousness, for their favor, to block the enemy’s advances toward them, and for angels to go before them to open up a way where there is no way

It is imperative in these uncertain, turbulent end times that you become aware of the spiritual battle behind what you see in your daily life and in the world. When you respond in fear, stress, frustration, anger, blame, hiding, or hopelessness, etc. then you are actually giving the enemy more ground in this world, and who wants to do that! The only way that you will be able to make advances in any realm is by recognizing the battle for what it truly is – spiritual – and then using the spiritual weapons of warfare that God has given you to break through. Then you will stand strong and unshaken, no matter what!

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