As I prepared to teach on Purim this week, the themes that I usually emphasize took on all new meaning as I realized that today, in this very moment, we are reliving the story of Purim! The critical question then became clear, that is, “What can we learn from Esther that we can apply to the modern day story of Purim in which we find ourselves in this present day and hour?”

At a dinner just last night, I heard Joel Rosenberg compare Iran with ISIS. He said that both want genocide to bring about the Islamic Caliphate, the only difference is that Iran is willing to wait until they have the nuclear capability to do so, whereas ISIS wants to make it happen right now.

As Haman plotted to annihilate the Jewish people in Persia (Iran) in Esther’s day, today Iran’s leaders are plotting to destroy the state of Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu voiced that the first and foremost among Israel’s security threats is Iran increasing its foothold on three of Israel’s borders as it works to arm itself with nuclear weapons.  Iran is guiding Hezbollah in the north, Hamas in the south, and Hezbollah in Syria which threatens the Golan Heights.  Perhaps the only difference between the modern and ancient story of Purim is that modern Iran does not only seek to exterminate the Jewish population as in Esther’s time, they also want to eliminate Christians and anyone else who does not adhere to their Islamic beliefs.

We saw with each of the recent Fall Feasts and with Hanukkah, that God is calling us to sound the alarm (Joel 2), and we hear that message once again now with Purim! You must help awaken your sleepy family members, friends and neighbors to the realities of threats by Iran (and ISIS), and the dangers of our proposed deal with Iran. You must let your representatives know of your support of PM Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and their need to take action. This is not a time for you to be paralyzed with fear or silent in apathy and passivity. God has not given you a spirit of fear (2 Tim 1:7).  It only works to give the enemy a handle or foothold in your life, and blocks God’s purposes from being released through you.

Esther was victorious in saving the Jews in her day because she recognized that her primary weapons of warfare against Haman were spiritual, not of the flesh.  Upon hearing of Haman’s evil plot, her first action was to “gather all the Jews who are present in Shushan and tell them to fast, neither eat nor drink for 3 days, night and day, and she and her maidens also fasted.”  Like Esther, by using spiritual weapons of warfare, we have power and authority to change our circumstances, our relationships, our world!

As you celebrate Purim this year, remember that the literal meaning of “Megillat Esther” (or scroll of Esther) is “revealing the hidden.”  Be committed to “revealing the hidden” by sounding the alarm against the evil plots of modern day Iran, and by using your spiritual weapons of warfare to dislodge demons and release angels to accomplish God’s will here on earth as it is in heaven. (Matt 6:10).

Just as He did with Esther, God is calling you to action in these days for such a time as this. These are exciting days, and you have a choice to make. Are you going to be paralyzed in fear and look just like everyone else with no hope? Are you going to sit back and do nothing while evil reigns and threatens not only the state of Israel but your very own existence? Are you going to just wait for Yeshua’s return and falsely assume that you have no responsibility to fight for righteousness that will continue on into the Millennium?

Or are you going to be a modern day Esther and make a difference in such a time as this.  As Esther did, this is the time to fast and pray yourselves and call others to do the same — for Israel and for America:  that the eyes and hearts of leaders would be opened to the reality of Iran’s threats and opened to God’s wisdom and truth; that Congress would take action on the truths that were shared by PM Netanyahu; for protection around their borders, for a spiritual awakening and revival in all hearts; to halt the spirit of anti-semitism running rampant around the world and increasingly so in our college campuses and churches; for strength, protection and deliverance of persecuted believers; for an increase in righteousness in all social structures; to have Yeshua’s heart in all matters and partner with Him in releasing His end-times plans and purposes.

Help to increase Yeshua’s reign now by speaking out scriptures that declare God’s heart for Israel and the whole earth during the Millennium. Use your weapons of warfare to take back the ground in your heart given to the enemy through strongholds, and in doing so, increase Yeshua’s reign over your hearts.

Don’t let this Purim go by without committing to fasting, praying, and increasing Yeshua’s reign now! Remember, God has placed you where you are today not to be consumed in fear, passivity or apathy, but to take action and fulfill your destiny for such a time as this (Est. 4:14). Don’t miss out on this awesome calling and opportunity to partner with Yeshua in bringing His reign down to earth, nothing could be more exciting and fulfilling!

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