Rebuilding the Walls of the Heart (CD Series)


This fascinating series explores what each chapter of the Book of Nehemiah reveals about the process of rebuilding the walls of your heart. Just as the walls of Jerusalem had been torn down and destroyed by the enemy (the Babylonians in 586 B.C.), your strongholds (the false beliefs, old messages and lies you believe about yourself and about God) have made holes in the walls of your heart, leaving you vulnerable to attacks from the enemy. Learn from Nehemiah to see yourself as God sees you and to take authority over the enemy’s arrows of doubt and intimidation. God wants to heal and rebuild the walls of your heart, so that you are no longer controlled by your strongholds and the enemy’s attacks, but by His Spirit and His Word. When you apply the practical teaching from this life-changing series, you will be set free to experience the abundant life God has planned for you!

Suggested donation amount for this series is: $20.00

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