How are you feeling about last week’s election results? God has brought much healing to my heart in the midst of my reactions, and I hope that what He showed me, might be healing and encouraging to your heart as well – just in case you had any similar feelings. When I heard the news, I felt fearful, discouraged and deeply grieved. As I continued to read the FB posts, these feelings spiraled into a mix of depression, anger, bitterness, helplessness, and hopelessness.

As I continued to read more posts over the next few days, I felt more and more distant from God, no joy, and a deepening intensity of this mixture of fear, bitterness, and hopelessness. I even developed flu-like symptoms of a sore throat, headache and chills. Yes, our emotions have a definite impact on our immune systems!

I realized that I had to seek God’s healing in this as I just wasn’t able to “snap out of it.”  As I teach in my classes, I asked God to show me what lies I was believing about myself and about Him. This is what He showed me:

He told me that because of my strongholds, I was believing that God abandoned me. I believed in my heart that “God lost” the election, and the “bad guy won.” And I was mad at God for losing!! I had taken God off the throne. I believed that the “bad guy” was on the throne now, and that I was totally unprotected.

I had to use my weapons of warfare!! I confessed these lies to God as sin. Satan is the father of lies, and everything that does not come from faith is sin!  God reminded me that bitterness, resentment and fear are not from Him, and that they give the enemy a handle in my life. They are not of Him, they are not His nature, and they do nothing to draw others to Him or His truths.  I chose to forgive all those who had voted the “bad guy” in!  I cancelled the authority I had given to the enemy, and commanded those spirits of fear, bitterness, abandonment, rejection and hopelessness to go in Yeshua’s name.

Then I asked God to heal my heart and show me His truth about all of this!  This is what He spoke to my heart:  “My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand. (John 10:29) NO ONE can snatch or pluck me out of God’s hand. My relationship with Him and intimacy with Him is the only thing that can never be taken away from me.

He gently reminded me, “remember, I am SO holy that nothing to do with death could come anywhere near me in the Temple, yet I took on death, the very antithesis of all that I am, to capture you and have intimate relationship with you forever. You still belong to me, I died to have you, you are covered, you are protected, you are sealed in me.”

Then I opened up my bible and this verse jumped off the page and penetrated my heart like a knife “My people refused to enter the pleasant land for they wouldn’t believe My promise to take care of them!”  (Ps. 106:24) You are not experiencing my rest because of your unbelief (Heb 3:19), you are not experiencing the “pleasant land” of my life within you because you do not believe that I will take care of you! When I read that verse, I knew it was straight from Him to me at that moment, and I knew I had to obey and trust that HE would take care of me, HE would protect me – not any political candidate.

He then impressed on my heart that the teaching He has given me is more needed, more critical now than ever, and increased the passion in my heart to teach. The verse “A voice of one crying out in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord” just kept resonating through my heart and mind, and that I needed to be that voice.

My heart was healed, I felt His loving, peaceful presence and intimacy with Him once again, and I was healed physically as well. My flu-like symptoms all vanished!

We need to cling to God now more than ever, and experience that intimate relationship with Him that can never be taken away and that will carry us through any difficult times ahead. In order to have this, we need to be aware of any strongholds that block us from experiencing that intimacy. And we need to be ready and willing to use our weapons of warfare to deal with these strongholds. The more we take responsibility for the sin of the strongholds in our own hearts, use our weapons of warfare to deal with them, and allow God to heal our hearts — we will experience more of His presence, a deeper intimacy with Him, and more of His light will shine forth through us to the darkness around us.

His light through us is what will draw others to Him and to His truths as we enter the days ahead. Be encouraged, God has not changed, He is still with you, you are still in your Father’s hand, and He has a plan for you to be His light in the darkness.  Let’s be the light that draws others to Him! Remember, what the enemy means for evil, God will use for good when we surrender our lives and our whole hearts to Him!

p.s. If you’d like to learn more about healing of strongholds and using your weapons of warfare, check out my latest teaching series “Knowing God’s Will” at It will give you the tools you need to be the light in the darkness.

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