Every time I teach, I ask the Lord for His specific message for each particular group. Lately, the word I continue to receive in these tumultuous times is “Do not fear!  Do not be faint of heart!” With all of the turmoil and madness going on in the world right now, fear, anxiety, worry and stress are on the rise even among believers in Yeshua.  You might look around at our country and world with recent outbreaks of Ebola, school shootings, threats to our borders, ISIS, beheadings, massacres in Jerusalem, etc., etc. and feel very justified in your fear and stress. How could anyone NOT be stressed and anxious hearing all of this news?  True perhaps, but don’t lose sight of the spiritual battle taking place within the fear.  Remember that God has not given you a spirit of fear, so whether your fear is justified or not, it still gives Satan a handle or influence, power and authority in your life. Personally, I believe it’s the enemy’s weapon of choice right now among believers.

I fell prey to it myself a few months back after listening to a discussion describing all of the horrors that were sure to befall our country. I thought, “Why even press on, if all of this is certain to happen?” I wanted to give up and I felt filled with fear. Now whenever you become stressed, fearful, worried, or anxious (it’s all sin no matter what you call it), it’s important to ask, “What lie am I believing about God?”  You are ALWAYS believing some lie about God, and often about yourself as well, when you fear.

I asked God this question in the midst of my own fear – as I had just been teaching earlier that day on this very subject, how convicting is that? The next morning, He showed me that the lies I was believing in my heart were:  God “pulls out” or disappears during the end times, lets evil rule, and just waits until the end to come back. I’m completely unprotected (which is rooted in a very old place in my heart), and there is nothing I can do to make a difference.  It’s all going to happen, so I might as well give up!

That is EXACTLY where the enemy wants you and the entire body of believers!  Immobilized and paralyzed by fear, believing the lie that there is nothing you can do to make a difference. This leads to inaction, apathy, indifference, and passivity, and that’s all the enemy needs to ensure that evil increases and reigns on this earth!

God, in His faithfulness and love, reminded me of words I had just taught earlier that day, those of using my weapons of warfare! I confessed the lies as sin and chose to cancel the authority I had given Satan when I believed these lies in my heart.  Once the spiritual ropes were cut, I could then receive God’s truth and love in my heart.

First, God reminded me to focus on what I DID know about Him, not on what I don’t know will happen.  No one knows for certain what will take place next in our country and world.  On the contrary, we’ve been given the spiritual weapon of intercessory prayer to change the spiritual atmosphere, change hearts, and change the course of world events.  We have the privilege of partnering with God through intercessory prayer to increase His kingdom reign on earth here and now.  More than ever, we must pray fervently and frequently – both individually and corporately – for an awakening and revival, brought about by repenting first of our own sins and then those of our nation and world. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard, and we play a critical role in that through our prayers!

Next, I was convicted that it’s not God’s will that we wait until Yeshua returns to begin establishing His kingdom.  One powerful way we can do this, every minute of every day, is by committing to deal with fear, stress, unforgiveness, and stronghold lies about ourselves and God that give the enemy reign over our hearts.  When we use our weapons of warfare, we take back ground from the enemy and increase Yeshua’s reign over our hearts and over the earth.

Lastly, God reminded me of the Parable of the Talents as further evidence that It DOES matter what we do as we await Yeshua’s return.  We are not to become complacent in passivity and fear. What we do now DOES continue on into the Millennium, and we will be rewarded then according to how we use our “talents” now.  Increasing Yeshua’s reign by taking back the enemy’s ground in our hearts, intercessory prayer, being agents of healing, fighting for righteousness, spreading His Word, and bringing salvation to the nations are all activities that will continue on through the Millennium!

Again in closing, Do not fear! Do not grow faint of heart! Do not give up! There is much you can do to make a difference now and in the future! Use your weapons of warfare to deal with the moment-by-moment daily stress so you will be ready to deal with greater challenges that may lie ahead. Don’t allow fear to block you from experiencing the intimacy with God that you will need to stay strong through difficult times and draw others to Him.  Keep your eyes on Yeshua’s Millennial throne as an anchor for your soul.  In Yeshua’s time dimension, He’s already on that throne! Picture ruling and reigning with Him in the Millennium to give you hope and excitement for the future. Accept and fulfill your role now of increasing His kingdom here on earth. Rest in the truth that the work has already been done, it is finished.  You just need to join with Him in bringing His finished work from heaven down to earth!

Your Kingdom come your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!  (Matt 6:10)

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