What’s on your mind as you head into 2016? Are you feeing overwhelmed with all that lies ahead of you or uncertainties in your job, family, and relationships? Are you fearful of the unknowns in our world today — who will win the elections? will terrorism increase in the U.S.? will the economy collapse? will our borders remain secure? will we lose more of our freedoms? will immorality get worse? Well I’ve got good news for you! The Lord wants you to focus on only ONE THING in the new year — and that is intimacy with Him! To gaze upon His beauty!

You are worried and upset about so many things; but only ONE THING is needed. (Lk 10:41-42)

ONE THING I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord…to gaze on His beauty and to seek Him in His temple. (Ps. 27:4)

I wish I could find adequate words to express just how intensely He desires intimacy with you. It’s the very reason He took death upon Himself even though nothing was more contaminating than death! Intimacy with God is your primary purpose for living, it’s the only thing that can’t change or be taken away from you, it will shield you from last days deception, and it will give you the identity and security to stand strong in the face of persecution.

Daniel 11:32 says that even when things seem out of control all around us, the people who know their God, (that is, know Him intimately, not just with head knowledge) will stand strong!

the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. (Dan 11:32)

Intimacy with God is the #1 anchor that you will need in 2016 for standing strong in these uncertain times in your personal lives, nationally, and globally.

I believe God’s desire for you in the new year is that you would not be obsessed with all you need to get done or accomplish, nor on the elections, news reports, or even all of the end times predictions and words of prophecy for 2016. Instead, He wants you to become obsessed with focusing on Him and knowing Him more deeply — who He is as He has revealed Himself (all aspects of His character), who Jesus will be when he returns, what He will do and what you will do with Him; His love for you, how He sees you, and who who you are in Him. He is obsessed with you! His eyes are always upon you, His thoughts are always on you, He loves 100% of you – – even the parts you don’t like or have always hidden, your insecurities, failures and imperfections. You bring Him delight and make Him smile! He enjoys you!

Intimacy with God is not something you just “wake up with in the morning!” It doesn’t blow in with the wind, or is as unpredictable as a weather forecast! You are not passive receivers who sometimes “get it” and sometimes don’t. You have to make a conscious choice to seek intimacy with Him each day, actually every moment of the day, and to be aware of and deal with anything that blocks intimacy with Him (such as fear, stress, anger, and negativity).

The more you “connect with God’s heart,” the more you will experience intimacy with Him. “Connecting with God’s heart” means you are thinking His thoughts, feeling His emotions, speaking His words, and seeing what He sees about: yourself, others, your circumstances, the nations, Jerusalem, Israel, the end times, the Millennium, and the Biblical Feasts!

For example, let’s take a look at God’s heart toward you: He never condemns, accuses, criticizes, speaks condescendingly toward you or puts you down. He never puts pressure or burdens on you, gives up on you, or focuses on your weaknesses and your mistakes. Rather, He rejoices over you with singing, you bring Him great delight, and His heart is ravished (or enthralled) for you. You are beautiful to Him even in your weakness! (Is. 62:4-5; Zeph 3:17; Ps 18:19; SofS 4:7,9; Rom 8:1; 1 Cor 13:4-7; Col. 1:22; Eph 1:4; Heb 13:5; Matt 11:30)

When you see yourself the way that God sees you, when you think and talk about yourself in the same way that He does, you connect with His heart and by doing so, grow in intimacy with Him. However, when you criticize and put yourself down, focus on your mistakes and weaknesses, compare yourself to others, or make negative declarations (e.g., “I can’t take one more thing, I’m not going to make it, I can’t do this!”), you are not connecting with God’s heart toward you. In fact, you are aligning with the enemy’s thoughts toward you. Accusing, critical, negative thoughts are always from the enemy – he is the accuser, not God (Rev. 12:10).

The start of the new year is the perfect time to shift your obsession away from what you need to get done, the news, and end times predictions, and onto growing in intimacy with Him! This will mobilize you out of fear and stress and into action — partnering with God to release His power, plans and purposes in these end times! Make it a goal to get familiar with His end times plans in the books of Revelation, Daniel, Zechariah, and Isaiah. Stop looking just like everyone else – fearful, confused, and stressed out! Get excited about how you can increase Jesus’ Millennial kingdom now, even before He returns to rule and reign with you!

I pray this blog is a blessing to you and draws you into deeper intimacy with God and His purposes for you in 2016! Please let me know how it impacts your life. I’d love to hear from you! Either comment below or email me at info@jeannenigroministries.com. Blessings! Jeanne

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