“It’s that time of year,” believe it or not, when Christmas decorations are beginning to pop up “everywhere you go.” Now I know there can be much good that comes out of this holiday season. For example, the first time I ever went to a Christian church was for Christmas Eve services, 27 years ago. I didn’t believe in God at the time, but I went to hear Christmas carols because of the positive childhood memories they evoked. Seeds were planted in my heart that night, and three months later I asked God, if He were real, to take control of my life. However, there’s also a lot that deeply troubles me about this holiday, especially one thing in particular, and this year more than ever in these uncertain, turbulent times in which we live.

That is, the Christmas season’s emphasis on the “Baby Jesus!” I apologize if I am offending anyone, but honestly I want to shout out loud “enough already with the baby Jesus!” Now more than ever, we need to be focused on the Jesus who is coming back soon! We don’t have to watch the news for more than five minutes to see prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes. The world stage is primed and ready for the events of the Book of Revelation to unfold. The tidal wave of deception that is the “harlot Babylon religion” (Rev. 17-18) is already sweeping over the body, with streams of deception pouring through any open crack and crevice it can find. I believe that the church, and the world in general, are primed to be deceived by the antichrist and his harlot Babylon religion (better known as “one world religion”) because they have lost sight of ALL of the attributes of God and Jesus, and have been lead to focus on only one. It’s similar to cutting only one side of a diamond – it will not shine forth in all it’s brilliance and glory unless all the facets are cut and exposed.

Many in the body, and in the world, are focused on only one attribute of God and that is love. Therefore, “love wins” over any scenario that might try to include God’s righteousness, holiness, judgment, or wrath; His definition of love, intolerance with sin, only way to heaven, etc. The emphasis on the “baby Jesus” at Christmastime doesn’t help matters any. The sweet, little baby Jesus, the meek and mild, lowly in a manger Jesus is not the “real” Jesus who is coming back soon. It’s not the Jesus that we need to know in order to stand strong, firm, and unafraid in these uncertain times.

Who is the “real” Jesus that is returning to this earth? First of all He’s Jewish, and He’s returning to a Jewish nation (Israel), a Jewish Temple (Ezekiel’s temple) where there will be Jewish sacrifices, and He’ll be celebrating Jewish feasts or holidays! Most importantly, He will be a mighty warrior, who will single-handedly wipe out ALL the kings of the nations! That’s roughly 250 kings He will violently execute. He will make war! He will wear a robe dipped in blood! He will strike the nations with a sharp sword! He will tread the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God, and blood will come out of that winepress up to the horses’ bridles! A sword will proceed from His mouth that kills the kings, captains, mighty men and horses from all nations. (Rev. 19:11-19; 14:20). He will then rule and reign over all the earth, restoring and implementing righteousness in all the nations, governments, and social systems throughout the Millennium. We have an amazing future to look forward to, actually ruling and reigning with Him in righteousness. (Is. 9:7, Rev 1:6, 5:10)

This is the “real” Jesus who is coming back SOON! This is the Jesus you need to be focusing on, not the “sweet baby Jesus.” The only way you will be able to stand strong and unafraid in these uncertain, end times is by having an intimate relationship with Jesus. This is not just head knowledge about Jesus, I’m talking about heart knowledge where who He is, how He sees you, His love for you, and His presence impact your every thought, emotion, word, and attitude moment by moment throughout the day. That’s experiencing intimacy with Jesus!

Furthermore, just like in any other relationship, you can’t experience intimacy with someone, be it a spouse or a friend, if you are only familiar with “one side” of them or one aspect of their personality. If you only know what someone is like at work or at school, but not what they are like at home or in different settings, you can’t really experience intimate relationship with them. If you only have surface knowledge of someone, but don’t know the deeper matters of their heart — what drives them, what are their hopes, goals, and struggles — you can’t truly experience intimacy with them. It’s the same way in your relationship with Jesus. If you only know one aspect of Him — as the baby, as only love, or as only meek and mild — you can’t experience intimacy with Him. The more you know about what Jesus will be like when He comes back — what He will be like, what He intends to do, what His heart and plans are for you — the more you can experience intimacy with Him now.

Lastly, another reason why you need to focus on the “real” Jesus who is coming back soon is because it will give you hope and strength in these uncertain times. When there is so much around you that you can’t control, that seems more and more turbulent and out of control every day, you will have a certainty that gives you the strength to stand firm. Specifically, to be able stand for Him in the face of persecution and not be deceived by the harlot Babylon religion. I don’t know about you, but I want to follow a mighty warrior who is going to eradicate all evil from this world, who is going to kill all of the kings of all of the nations. I want to be ready to rule and reign with Him in establishing righteousness throughout the earth. I want to do what I can now to fight for righteousness that will continue on into the Millennium. I want to deal with the strongholds of my heart and anything that blocks intimacy with Him — fear, stress, frustrations, unforgiveness, anger, being critical, negative, putting myself or others down, etc. — because if I can’t rule and reign over my own thoughts and emotions, how am I going to rule and reign with Him over the nations?

So this holiday season that has already been thrust upon us, like it or not, I want to encourage you to read Rev. 19:11-19 every day. I read it out loud every morning. It brings me into deeper intimacy with Jesus, it motivates me to prepare for His return by fighting for righteousness now and by increasing His reign over my heart, and it gives me hope and excitement for His return. (1 Pet 1:13; 1 John 3:2-3; Titus 2:13) I know it will do the same for you. Especially in these uncertain, turbulent end times, you need to experience all the intimacy that you possibly can, not with a Jesus who is portrayed as a sweet baby, but with a Jesus who is a warrior king, making war against all that is evil because He is Love, Justice, Truth, Holy, Sovereign, and Righteous all at the same time, and He never changes!

I pray this blog is a blessing to you and draws you into deeper intimacy with God and His purposes for you in these times. Please let me know how it impacts your life. I’d love to hear from you! Either comment below or email me at info@jeannenigroministries.com. Blessings! Jeanne

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