You don’t have to wait until Yeshua returns to begin building His future Millennial reign on earth!  That’s right, every minute of every day you can play a part in building His kingdom of righteousness that will be completed during the Millennium when “His will is done on earth as it is in heaven!”

Yeshua’s reign or kingdom is increased on earth wherever His truths and ways rule over Satan’s lies and ways. Now it may be easy for us to point out areas of government, leadership, media, etc. where Yeshua’s ways are not reigning, but how many of us are willing to take a look at the areas in our own heart where Yeshua is not reigning?

For most of us, Yeshua is not Lord over ALL of our hearts. Strongholds — those lies or old messages that we believe about ourselves and about God — give the enemy fortified ground in our hearts.  Any time that we allow Satan’s lies about ourselves (I have to be perfect, I’m bad, I’m unwanted, I’m on my own, I’m not good enough, etc.) or about God (He’s disappointed in me, He wants me to be perfect, He’s not always there, He’s mad at me, etc.) to control our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, we are allowing Satan to rule that area of our heart. However, Yeshua wants to be Lord and reign over ALL of our hearts, not just selected areas where it may be safer and easier to allow Him to do so.

For example:  when someone is judgmental toward me, when I make a mistake, or when I blow it with anger, unforgiveness, or critical thoughts and words about myself or others, and then I believe lies that I’m bad or that God is disappointed in me; or when I am fearful and stressed because it’s justified and “anyone would feel that way,” and I believe the lies that I’m all alone or that God is not with me; or when I allow others to determine my worth, I’m giving Satan power, influence, and authority over that part of my heart where his lies are reigning instead of God’s truths.

However, when I choose to not follow those lies — but rather choose to use my weapons of warfare and believe in my heart that He is still rejoicing over me with singing, that I am still precious to Him because His love for me and How He sees me is not based on my performance — I’m not only allowing God to heal the strongholds of my heart, I’m allowing Him to be Lord and reign over that wounded area of my heart. Furthermore, I’m actually increasing His kingdom reign on earth that will continue to increase throughout the Millennium. How awesome is that?

So, the next time YOUR button gets pushed and you find yourself feeling fearful, angry, rejected, like a failure, critical toward others, or struggling with unforgiveness, you have a choice!   Do you want to allow Satan’s lies to rule in your heart and increase his reign on earth?  – OR – Do you want to allow Yeshua’s truths to rule over more and more of your heart, and not only increase His reign on earth now but also contribute to the establishment of His future Millennial kingdom?

Now I don’t know about you, but the fact that I can actually contribute to the increase of Yeshua’s future Millennial reign right here and now, every minute of every day, gives a new and exciting dimension of purpose to my life! It powerfully motivates me to deal with those old strongholds of my heart, no matter how painful I fear it will be, no matter how much the enemy’s lies tell me  — the messages are just too old and deeply ingrained, I can never change, that’s just the way I am — and no matter how familiar and comfortable I’ve become with these strongholds in my life.

I hope and pray that having an opportunity to participate in establishing Yeshua’s future Millennial kingdom excites and motivates you as well to deal with the strongholds of your heart!  In so doing, you will increase Yeshua’s righteous reign not only over your heart, but over the earth now and in the Millennium to come! May you hear Yeshua say to you,”Well done good servant, because you have been faithful in a very little matter, you shall have authority over ten cities!”




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