“What do you think about the Blood Moons?” is the question I am asked most often when I teach, whether it be on end times, strongholds, the feasts, or cooking & crafts (just wanted to make sure you were paying attention – those of you who know me well know that would never happen!). It seems everywhere I go, everyone is talking about the blood moons! Social media pages were covered with pictures of the recent blood moon which occurred on the Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles. So now, as we wait for the next blood moon to occur on Passover, I’ll tell you what I think, and then I’ve got some questions for you!

First, I look at the phenomenon with interest, “loose” interest, that is. There may be some correlation between the blood moons and major world events, and there very well seems to be a relationship with God’s appointed times, as blood moons occurred on Passover and Sukkot for the past two years. Are they a sign that we are in the end times? Are they a sign that judgment is coming either to Israel, America or both? I’ll answer these question in a very Jewish way, and that is with more questions!

Do we REALLY need blood moons as a sign that this is the end times? Do we really need a sign to confirm this? Aren’t there enough indicators already that it’s the end times? All we have to do is turn on the news for 5-10 minutes to prove that! We are flooded with news about ISIS, enemies surrounding Israel fueled and funded by Russia and Iran, increase in antisemitism, threat of nuclear war, unusual weather patterns and increases in earthquakes, steep moral decline demonstrated by same sex marriage laws, abortions, planned parenthood, pornography, sex trafficking, etc., rise of the Islamic caliphate, liberalism and deception within the church, just to name a few off the top of my head. Isn’t that enough? Do we really need the blood moons to prove it to us?

Do the blood moons mean judgment is coming? Again, do we really need blood moons to prove to us that judgment is coming? Like always, God is calling us to focus on what we DO know, not on what we DON’T know. We need to look to what we DO know, and that’s in the bible. Let’s start studying Revelation, Zechariah, and Ezekiel so that: we know what to expect and are prepared spiritually, we are not deceived by deceptions coming both from inside and outside of the body of Messiah; we know and connect with God’s heart for these times and thereby can effectively pray and partner with Him to release His end times purposes.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on the blood moons, but what does bother me about all of the hype, is that it gets people 1) consumed in fear and worry which is not from God! On the contrary, fear is the enemy’s tool to get us all stressed out and looking just like everyone else in the world, and it blocks our intimacy with God making us ineffective in releasing His plans and purposes for these times; 2) so focused and obsessed with the blood moons phenomenon that it replaces God on the throne.

Our focus and the object of our attention and obsession needs to be God Himself, not on the blood moons. We need to be focusing on who He is as HE has revealed Himself in His Word — for example on the Revelation 4 throne room scene or Yeshua’s attributes in Revelation 1-3. Then, in light of who He is, what this communicates to you about who you are in Him, how He sees you, and His incredible love for you — that this same God would take on death for you. That’s what will increase your intimacy with Him, your worth in Him, and enable you to stand strong in these end times!

If you focus on these things, and deal with whatever blocks intimacy with Him like fear, stress, anger, being critical, resentful, unforgiving, etc. then you will grow in intimacy with Him and be able to stand strong in these end times.  You will be lights for Him in this dark world, instead of being caught up in fear and obsession on speculations and unknowns.

So in my opinion, whether the blood moons have special prophetic significance or not is irrelevant. The most important questions to me are – based on what you DO know from His Word about the end times, and through all of the other indicators that you clearly see in our world – How do you live differently because of it? What CAN you do in these end times? What is God calling YOU to do? How are YOU going to be a light burning for God in the darkness?

I know that God is not calling you to fear, stress, passivity, speculation, obsession with signs, hiding out, etc., but to ACTION. It is NOT His will for you to be paralyzed in fear of the end times or just waiting passively for His return. The wicked, worthless servant in the Parable of the Talents was thrown into outer darkness for this (Matt 25:14-30)! It IS His will for you to focus on your purpose – that ONE THING in Luke 10:41-42 – intimacy with Him. Then, instead of blending in with the darkness in fear and speculation, you will be able to stand strong in the face of uncertainty and be a light burning for God in the darkness.

I pray this blog is a blessing to you and draws you into deeper intimacy with God and His purposes for you in these times. Please let me know how it impacts your life. I’d love to hear from you! Either comment below or email me at info@jeannenigroministries.com. Blessings! Jeanne

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