All of the events that took place surrounding the day that Yeshua died for you screamed out to everyone that HE was the Passover Lamb, yet they were blind to who He was.  Are you blind to who Yeshua is and who He wants to be in your life, even as a believer?

Each Passover, God reveals to me the ways in which I’m blind to who He is, and He wants to do the same in your life.  Let’s take a look at three of the areas He showed me this year:

1) Yeshua wants to be Lord of your whole heart, not just select parts. The areas of your heart that are filled with lies about yourself and about God — and those areas filled with fear, stress, unforgiveness, anger, blame, rejection, self-condemnation, perfectionism, etc. — are areas of your heart where Yeshua does not have reign, where He is not Lord. It doesn’t matter how often or how emphatically you sing “You are Lord over all the earth, You are Lord over all the earth…!” What you are truly meaning is “You are Lord over all the earth, except for these areas of my heart..”

For example, when I just cannot let go of resentment toward someone who hurt me, disappointed me or who treated me unfairly, I’ve given the enemy reign over that area of my heart, instead of Yeshua. When I continue to believe the lie that I’m not good enough or not as good as others and fear failure, I’m not allowing Yeshua to be Lord over my whole heart and Lord over all the earth. When I fear others’ rejection or disapproval of me, I’m giving the enemy a handle in my life. In those times, I’m blind to who He is, and blind to who He wants to be in my life.

2)  The first cup of wine at the seder, the cup of sanctification is from Ex. 6:6 – “I will bring you out from under the burden of the Egyptians.” God wants to carry your burdens for you. When I am feeling burdened and overwhelmed with all that I need to get done — and how far behind I am fearing that I will never catch up — deep down I am blind to who He is. I am believing that these burdens are from Him, after all, they are ministry activities. I’m believing a lie about Him that He’s just watching and waiting for me to get everything done, and that He’s just as disappointed with me as I am. Yet I am blind to who He is because His Word tells me that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Pressure, drivenness, the feeling of being crushed and beaten down with burdens is not from Him. So when you are feeling overwhelmed with burdens, ask God to show you – “What burdens are you carrying that are not yours to carry?”

3)  The fourth cup of wine at the seder, the cup of sanctification, is from Ex 6:7 – “I will take you for my people and I will be your God.” “I will take you” is wording from a Jewish wedding proposal.  When Yeshua says in Luke 22:18 – “For I tell you, I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes,” He’s speaking of that ultimate wedding supper of the Lamb (Rev. 19:9) when He ushers in the Millennial Kingdom where we will rule and reign with Him. This is a picture of the complete fulfillment of Yeshua as our bridegroom.

Are you blind to who Yeshua wants to be as bridegroom in your life? He’s shown me that whatever I’m dwelling on throughout the day other than God – be it my circumstances, all that I have to get done that day, my to-do list, how someone has hurt me or frustrated me – that has become my “false god” because it’s controlling or determining my thoughts  and emotions instead of God. When I’m not dwelling on Him throughout the day, I’m blind to who He is as my bridegroom.

As your bridegroom, He wants you to dwell on Him all throughout the day. You are the object of His affection and He wants to be the object of your affection. He can’t keep His eyes off of you, He can’t stop thinking about you, and He wants you to respond in the same way toward Him. Remember that feeling when you were first in love or infatuation with someone? You couldn’t stop thinking about them, and basking in their love and attention for you. He wants the same for you, and as you bask in His love and attention, you will natural outpouring of love for other people.  You love because He first loved you! His love is like a blazing fire, a laser beam that cannot stop coming toward you. When you receive that laser of love, your needs for love will be met completely and you’ll find that you won’t expect someone else to love you perfectly. You will be able to accept and forgive others because only your bridegroom Yeshua can love you perfectly.

I challenge you this Passover season to ask God to show you – ‘How are you blind to who Yeshua is and who He wants to be in your life? What lies are you believing in your heart about who He is and how He sees you? What is blocking you from seeing and experiencing Him as your bridegroom?” As He reveals these barriers to you, confess them as sin and ask Him to show you the truth about who He is.  Your relationship with Yeshua will never be the same and it will change your life, as it has mine.



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