Applying 7 themes of Sukkot to my daily life!  Day 6:  God dwells with us! (Part II)

All through time, God has clearly and powerfully demonstrated that His heart’s desire is to dwell intimately with us, and that is a core theme of Sukkot.  When this truth penetrates deep within our hearts, it gives us such a sense of being loved, desired, wanted, accepted, valued, safe, secure, provided for, protected, and full of joy. However, the enemy – through our strongholds – wants to rob us from experiencing all of these blessings, and get us to believe just the opposite.

If we know that God’s desire is to dwell with us intimately, then why do we sometimes feel so distant from God? Why do we fear? Why do we feel so alone? I believe it is often because the enemy is using our strongholds – those lies and messages we believe about ourselves – to distort how we see God.  Our strongholds cause us to put someone else’s face on God. They form misperceptions of Him, and they distort how we see Him and how we think He sees us.

For example, if I have a stronghold that “I have to be perfect to be loved,” every time I mess up, sin, am not perfect before God – even though the Word says He will never leave me or forsake me – I’m going to believe in my heart (and act out of this belief) that God is not with me; that He can’t love me the same; that He’s mad at me or disappointed in me and that I need to hide from Him.

Even though we know in our heads that God desires to dwell with us, whenever we are having the following types of thoughts or feelings about God, we can almost be sure there is a stronghold involved: e.g., when we are feeling that God is distant, He’s “moody” or unpredictable – with us one day and distant the next; that He’s mad at us or He’s had it with us; that we have to hide from Him; that He has more important issues to attend to than our needs; that He doesn’t have time for us; we’re not important enough for Him; we’re not good enough for Him; nothing we do is good enough; we could never please Him; He’s a relentless task master; He’s not there when I really need Him; He’s not there when I blow it; I’m on my own; I need to be the strong one; I need to hold all things/people together — just to name a few!!

Be aware of these thoughts and feelings in your own life, and begin asking God to show you what lies you are believing deep down in your heart about Him.  Ask Him to show you what stronghold beliefs might be distorting how you see Him or how you think He sees you.  Confess the lies that He shows you as sin, thank him that you are forgiven, come out of agreement with those accusing spirits from the enemy that would accuse you of being bad, deserving of punishment or rejection, and command them to go. Cancel Satan’s power and authority over those thoughts and feelings that are telling you these lies.

Ask God to heal and fill your heart with the truth that He desires to dwell intimately with you.  Choose to think on it and speak it out loud all through each day. It will bring healing to your heart and joy to your spirit this Sukkot!!

Is. 26:3 – He will keep in perfect peace he whose mind is stayed on Him!


Chag Sameach!



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