Applying 10 themes of Rosh Hashanah to my daily life!  Day 1:  Rosh Hashanah is the anniversary of the 6th day of creation – when Adam and Eve were created in the garden, and it celebrates God’s relationship with man.  Before the fall, Adam and Eve experienced intimacy with God as they walked with Him in the garden (Gen 3:8). This reminds me that more than anything else – God desires intimacy with us! In fact, in all of His holiness, He desired intimacy with us so much, that He came to this earth and died for us, took death upon Himself, so that we could “walk in the garden” with Him once more.

Our primary purpose in life then is to “know Him,” to experience intimacy with Him, and then to show forth His life to others.   Be aware of and willing to deal with whatever blocks intimacy with Him — unforgiveness, fear, rejection, being critical of self and others, performance, bitterness toward self, others, and God, performance, proving your worth, all of your thoughts focused on to-do lists, what needs to get done, others’ approval, etc.

Make your #1 goal each day – to go “back to the garden” with Him, to experience intimacy walking with Him. You’ll fulfill your purpose in life, and you’ll be amazed at how everything else falls into place!  L’Shanah Tovah! “For a good year!”

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