God wants to do a new thing in your life in 2015. Today I’m writing from Breckenridge, CO where I started off the new year with a new thing:  riding a horse for the first time ever.  Wanting to relate to just a taste of what my equestrian daughter loves so much, I chose not to allow the enemy to continue to rob me of this mother-daughter connection from a fear of horses that I’ve had for over 50 years! By confessing the fear as sin, canceling the authority I’d given the enemy through it, and believing and declaring that fear is not from God — but rather power, love and a sound mind — I cut off these ropes or chains of fear from my life.  Fear always keeps you in bondage and paralyzes you from doing and experiencing all that God has for you.

The experience was amazing!! Dwelling on God’s intense love for me instead of my fears, I was able to enjoy every minute! I remained calm atop my partner as we made new trails up the mountain, and for the first time could relate to how riders form such strong bonds with their horses and what a gift they are from God.  It also gave me a much greater appreciation and respect for my daughter’s gifting and talent, I have no idea how she jumps these huge creatures!

In addition to all of those blessings, the very best part for me was riding through snow capped mountains, vast plateaus carpeted in thick, freshly fallen snow, and forests of tall pines blanketed in sparkling white all against a backdrop of a crystal clear sapphire blue sky! It had to be the most beautiful scenery I have ever laid eyes on — outside of Alaska, that is.

I was overwhelmed by what a reflection this all was of God’s beauty and glory, a display of His majesty, power and grace!! I couldn’t stop thinking about how this spectacular scene was just a taste of the Millennium to come and of His master plan to bring heaven to earth! Even the most magnificent beauty we see now on earth is just a taste of the future and doesn’t even begin to compare to what we will experience when Yeshua restores all things.

I believe He gives us these tastes of what is to come now as anchors of hope for our soul, especially as we go through challenging times ahead. These tastes remind us that Yeshua will return and build His Millennial Temple in Jerusalem where He will rule as righteous king and judge.  We will rule and reign with Him and celebrate the Feasts together.  It will be a time when the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Is.11:9).  All of the earth will be restored back to how it was in the garden; righteousness and justice will reign in every sphere of life — spiritual, political, judicial, social, financial, educational, agricultural, environmental, family, media, arts, technology, etc.  As I gazed upon the beautiful trees, mountains, and skies my heart leaped within me knowing that I will have a role, an active role in ruling and reigning with Him to make this come about.

I also marveled at the fact that even as majestic as these mountains looked at over 11K feet high, the Millennial Temple Mount will be even higher, in fact it will be the highest mountain on earth according to Isaiah 2:2-4 and Micah 4:1. I tried to picture that and wondered what changes will take place on the earth’s topography between now and then to make that happen!

I share all of this to encourage you in this new year. Although there is much turmoil and uncertainty right now in the world, we have much to be excited about and look forward to in the Millennium that gives us anchors of hope for our soul in difficult times. Even more, we can live in abundant hope today by playing an active role right now in building His Millennial reign here on earth. What we do now to increase His reign will not be wasted effort, it will continue on or translate into the Millennium.

We can increase Yeshua’s reign now in many ways, for example:  increasing His reign over our hearts by destroying stronghold lies we believe about ourselves and God that give the enemy reign; breaking free from fear, unforgiveness, anger, rejection, performance, blame, etc. that also give the enemy reign over our hearts; fighting for righteousness in our government, schools, media, arts & entertainment, etc.; sharing the gospel with both Jews and Gentiles; contending in intercessory prayer and fasting to release His kingdom purposes here on earth.

God is calling you to action in 2015.  However, with so much turmoil in the world, you might be tempted to respond in fear, or with apathy and inaction just wanting to wait or hide out until Yeshua’s return.  I do believe that God is sounding the Joel 2 alarm to wake up to the shaking of the nations that has already begun (Hag 2:6-8). The instability of economies around the world is at a very critical state, which makes that of our own even more fragile. Threats of terrorism, ISIS, crises in the Middle East, anti-semitism, increased racial tensions and significant moral decline loom everywhere.

Although God wants you to be aware and prepared, He doesn’t want you so focused on the turmoil and uncertainty that you are paralyzed in fear, and He doesn’t want you to be apathetic and passive, doing nothing because you’re just waiting or hiding out until Yeshua’s return.

I believe He wants you to choose to hold onto the anchors of hope for the soul that He has given you — for example focusing on the future Millennium and on building His Millennial kingdom now — not waiting until He returns, but increasing His kingdom of righteousness and restoration RIGHT NOW!! And when you do, you will be filled with hope, anticipation and excitement for the future that will sustain you through any difficult times ahead.

In closing, God is calling you to action in 2015.  What new thing will you do in this new year to help bring about Yeshua’s Millennial reign?























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