Jeanne Nigro Ministries

The mission of Jeanne Nigro Ministries is to transform lives by leading people into a more intimate relationship with God and empowering them to stand strong in these uncertain, turbulent times.

People everywhere are being consumed by fear, stress, frustration, anger or hopelessness as they react to the daily news of a looming financial crisis, uncontrollable diseases, terrorist attacks, racial tensions and more.

Everyone is searching for anchors during the storms of life and for guidance on how to respond to global unrest. Jeanne’s teachings provide them with the answers they need to stand unshaken and fulfill their God-given purpose no matter how uncertain the times.

Jeanne’s unique and contemporary insights into the many facets of God’s heart awaken her audiences to a deeper understanding of who God is, how He sees us, and how to have intimacy with Him.

She uncovers great truths from God’s Word that are rarely integrated and taught for increasing intimacy with God.  Specifically, in three areas:  healing stronghold barriers to experiencing intimacy, the Jewish roots of our faith and end times theology. She is uniquely gifted in taking these topics often seen as complex, obscure, and unrelated and making them relevant, applicable and significant to our daily lives for standing strong and unshaken!

Ultimately, Jeanne’s passion is to prepare us for Jesus’ return and our eternal relationship with Him!

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