The 50 days between Passover and Shavuot (Pentecost) is a special time of restoration and healing. The counting of these days is called “The Counting of the Omer” (Lev. 23:15-16), and I refer to this period as your “50-day appointment with God.” Each day He desires to make all of the freedom, deliverance, redemption, and acceptance that you celebrated at Passover become a reality in your daily life. The Passover Seder contains powerful reminders of all that Jesus has already done for you, and all that He wants you to experience right here and now. Let’s take a look:

1) The first cup of Sanctification is based on “I will bring you out from under the burden of the Egyptians.”(Ex 6:6) and reminds us that God wants to carry ALL of your burdens. His yoke is easy and HIs burden is light. He doesn’t burden you or expect you to hold everything together while He just “stands by and watches.” He is for you, not against you. Heavy burdens, stress, drivenness, and burn-out are not from God. So if you are feeling weighed down by burdens today, or feeling that it’s your job to hold everything and everyone together – ask God to show you, “What burdens are you carrying that aren’t yours to carry?”

2) The 10 plagues of Egypt were God’s judgments over 10 false gods of Egypt. Now you may be thinking, “How could they be so silly to worship flies and gnats?” However, God wants to reveal the false gods in your life too! Anything or anyone that controls what you think, feel, act, say and do other than God and His Word is an idol or false god in your life. Do your own checks throughout the day, “What’s determining my mood right now?” If anything or anyone other than who God is or how He sees you is determining your mood, you have taken God off the throne, and put your circumstance or another person on the throne in His place.

3) The second cup of Deliverance is based on “I will deliver you from their bondage.” Picture this: As a believer in Jesus, you have his blood over the doorposts of your heart. He has freed you from taking anything into your heart that brings death – to your body, mind, spirit, emotions or relationships. This means that it’s never His will for you to take in fear, condemnation, bitterness, rejection, punishment or shame. All of these forms of death must pass over His blood.

What’s one thing you would like freedom from in these 50 days of Omer? For example: stress or fear? self-condemnation or “beating yourself up” for not being perfect? feeling rejected or not good enough? What about unforgiveness and bitterness toward someone who has hurt you? the need to be perfect? allowing others to control you or determine your worth, joy, or overall mood? fear of exposing weakness? fear of failure? insecurity? the need for approval or validation? Ask God to show you an area where you are still living in bondage, and what lies you are believing about yourself or about God that are keeping you from experiencing your complete freedom.

4) The third cup of Redemption is based on “I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgments.” Jesus redeemed you, meaning He paid a price for you. Now the price paid for something indicates the worth or value of what is purchased. The price He paid for you was His blood. In all of His holiness, He took on death even though nothing was more repulsive, unclean and contaminating than death. That’s how valuable you are to Him! Your purchase price determines your worth, not others or your accomplishments. Most importantly, it proves the intensity of His desire for you and heals your heart of fear, feeling unwanted, insignificant, etc. He loves you perfectly as no one else possibly can.

Are you still allowing others’ opinion of you or how perfect you are to determine your worth? Thank Him throughout the day that even though nothing related to death could even survive in His holy presence, He took on death — because He wanted you so badly and you were worth it to Him!

5) The fourth cup of Acceptance is based on “Then I will take you for my people, and I will be your God.” (Ex. 6:7) You are accepted by God no matter what! Nothing you do can stop Him from loving you because your acceptance is based on HIS performance, not on yours. He can’t stop rejoicing over you with singing; He desires you, He delights in you, He enjoys you! He will never leave or forsake you – even when you mess up! Are you still believing that He loves you more when you’re perfect than when you mess up or respond in fear, anger, stress, etc? He died for you knowing full well every mistake you would ever make! His love for you is not based on your performance! He just wants you – mistakes, imperfections and all!  You’re beautiful to Him even in your weakness.  If you’re feeling distant from Him today, it’s not because He’s changed His mind about you. He always desires intimacy with you. Ask Him to show you what lies you’re believing about Him or whose face you are putting on Him that is blocking the intimacy. 

6) As Jesus so perfectly fulfilled each aspect of Passover, it’s easy to be shocked by how blind everyone was to who He really was! Yet are you blind to who He is? Are you believing lies about Him that are blinding you from seeing who He wants to be in your life? Are you doing all the “right things” but not allowing Him into your heart and life as King and ruler of your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and actions? Are you putting someone else’s face on Him – perhaps a parent or authority figure who is distorting how you see Him? Or, do you fear what you would lose if you allowed Him to be in control?All He wants is intimacy with you, not your work, He just wants YOU!

God wants to bring you restoration and healing in these appointed days counting down to Shavuot (or Pentecost). Ask Him to show you the lies you are believing in your heart about Him and about yourself that are blocking you from experiencing all of the freedom, deliverance, redemption and acceptance that are already yours. Make a special appointment with Him each day. The God of the universe is waiting to meet with you, it will be well worth your time!

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